Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary - Introduction

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

"It is precisely in the complete surrender of one's own soul to trust in the Blessed Virgin, from which come the most extraordinary graces." - quote courtesy of New Jerusalem.

This year, TFD will be posting each day's exercise towards total consecration. This cycle will end on The Feast of the Annunciation - March 25 - considered the preferred date for consecration.

For an excellent description of Total Consecration and St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, please visit the Fish Eaters website.

Greg and Jennifer Willits have also produced an excellent audio version of The Consecration if you would prefer to download each exercise to your iPod to listen to during your day. Greg has also provided a clear, concise description of the devotion on the Rosary Army site.

Audio version here.


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