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>> Monday, March 09, 2009

Jesus Dies on the Cross

We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You.
Because by Your holy cross You have
redeemed the world.

[I]n order that the scripture might be fulfilled, Jesus said, "I thirst."
So they put a sponge soaked in wine on a sprig of hyssop and
put it up to his mouth.
When Jesus had taken the wine, he said, "It is finished."
And bowing his head, he handed over the spirit.
Now since it was preparation day,
in order that the bodies might not remain on the cross on the sabbath, …
the Jews asked Pilate that they be taken down…
[W]hen [the soldiers] came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead,
they did not break his legs,
but one soldier thrust his lance into his side,
and immediately
blood and water
flowed out.
~John 19: 28-34

We pray:

Lord Jesus, we can only look with wonder at this moment that
changes all of history and changes us,
this moment of our salvation.
At the sight of Your Body tortured and pierced for us,
we see clearly that redemption is not a kind of business transaction
in which we exchange prayers and penance for sins;
redemption is wrought by love that, in immolating itself wholly,
transforms darkness into light, hate to love, selfishness into gift.
The altar of the Cross defines God for us, and redefines Love.
In looking on You whom they have pierced (Jn 19:37),
we come to understand that You will spare nothing
to bring us to the radiance for which we are created.
We begin to see more clearly that our own activity
must be united to Your one saving action.
At every Mass, we are here at this moment anew,
and as the drop of water poured into the chalice is completely assimilated
into the rich wine of Your love and transformed,
so our own ordinary offerings are transformed
within the Chalice of Your Heart
by Your immense love and become worthy gifts to the Father.

Lord, You are always reaching out to us, offering Yourself to us wholly;
this love is only revealed to most people through our own open arms.
We must be Christ to one another.
This is our own inescapable role in the revelation of love.
Your heart transformed acts of malice and hate
into moments of grace and the victory of love;
renew our hearts with Your love, so that we can continue this
transformation in the world.

May we come to know through this apparent defeat,
as the last drops of blood and water
pour out from Your Heart onto the ground, that Love has the final victory.


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